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Gearbox Updates 09/04/24

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The following enhancements and bug fixes will be released over the course of this week.


  1. Prestart notifications - Prestart email notifications now include the Prestart checklist type in both the subject and body of the email.
  2. Prefill sites for parts - When adding parts to a service, repair or tyre form, the site for each part now automatically fills to match the site of the parent record. This can be manually changed if a different site should be selected.

Bug Fixes

  1. Prestart images - When completing a prestart using and attaching a fail item photo, the image was not displaying on the fault report in Gearbox.
  2. PO item invoice dates - When copying over purchase order items to a Service, Repair, Tyre or Other part item, the PO invoice date was being set instead of the PO item invoice date.
  3. Emailing documents - Errors were occurring when emails sent to Gearbox had multiple "to" email addresses listed.
  4. Exporting reports - There was a bug in the system preventing some XLSX reports from being exported if they had disallowed characters in their file names.

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